From Orient to Marseille: a journey between spices and soaps


One aspect that has always characterized groceries regards the sphere of smell. The scents and aromas that awaken the senses of those who enter into a grocery store can also be found in Fidenza.


Indeed, Negrotti carries on the tradition of the grocery store once, selling local products such as spices, herbs, almonds bulk of Puglia, pistachios, salt from the world as the Himalayan pink, red or black or blue Hawaii Persia, candied ginger or saffron Navelli DOP, to explore the flavors of the world, from the Far East to India.

And as grocery stores of yesteryear, Negrotti has a huge section of quality products for cleaning house and of person: soaps and detergents for laundry and cleaning, natural products used by housewives to wash and whiten fabrics, like the original Marseille soap or to Aleppo, or products for silver, English furniture waxes, dyes for textiles, shoes and leather.

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